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Your competition is not another company, it’s noise.

And no matter how many marketing dollars are spent telling customers about a product’s features, benefits, history or awards, all that effort mostly turns into more noise.


The VideoMatrix™ content creation Framework

If the way your company uses video is not conquering that noise, and not directly contributing to growing the business, then your company is missing an opportunity.  

Video is the most powerful marketing tool available to educate, motivate and persuade prospects. Yet most companies do not take full advantage of that power.   Too often, videos show features and benefits - or turn marketing messages into bright shiny objects - rather than doing what video does best, tell stories.

Without utilizing video’s core strength as a storytelling tool, many companies are wasting an enormous opportunity.  If you’re looking to 2X, 5X or 10X your business, then you’re going to have to utilize video’s full potential.

The VideoMatrix™ Framework is a powerful system that employs time-tested storytelling techniques, the wisdom of those who know the subject best, and the art of persuasion to create videos that move audiences to act.

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