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Are you using video as your 24/7 sales force?

  • Are your videos generating new leads?

  • Are you guiding prospects along their buyer’s journey with video?

  • Is your audience engaging with your content?

  • Are your videos telling a cohesive story across platforms and channels?


50-90% of all sales are generated by word-of-mouth.

Do you have a word-of-mouth video strategy?


The Plan

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.
~ William Bernbach


Step 1

Landscape Audit

All existing video content is reviewed and measured to ensure it is aligned with your story and your offer - and is working.


Step 2

Content Creation

Existing videos are revised, if necessary, and placed within the VideoMatrix™.

New content is created to ensure the buyer is engaged and guided along their journey.


Step 3


Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.
~ David Ogilvy

We can’t say it any clearer than that.

Industry Portfolio Includes:

Technology, Healthcare, Banking, Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Education, Non-Profits, Hospitality, Beauty, Insurance, Promotion and Toys.


Recent Projects:


 Prime Food Distributor


The Challenge

Prime Food Distributor (PFD), the leading protein distributor for elite steakhouses on the east coast of the United States, wanted to tell their story in an authentic and straightforward way.

video-camera (3).png

The Plan

Produce a video that showcases PFD’s methods by blending behind-the-scenes imagery with unscripted interviews of ownership and suppliers.


The Result

Sales have not only grown throughout the United States, but PFD is now exporting to Europe and Asia.


CoppeRx Works


The Challenge

Compete in the 12-figure global beauty market with a 6-figure budget.


The Plan

Exploit the white-space by going where big beauty has never gone before.


The Result

The brand is poised to be acquired by a private equity firm before a single product hits the shelf.


Ride with Dylan

goal (2).png

The Challenge

Attract a national sponsor for 16-year-old professional racecar driver Dylan Tavella.


The Plan

Produce a video sharing Dylan’s inspirational story as told by the family, friends and fans that have known Dylan his entire life.


The Result

The campaign attracted international attention and corporate sponsorships from Richard Mille, Gas Monkey Garage and ESPN.



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